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Started in the late 1980s, SaHairA Salon has offered years of exceptional service to its loyal customers. Known as a professional, friendly, hometown salon, SaHairA takes pride in its stellar reputation. Welcoming clients both new and old alike, relationships are established, and the SaHairA family grows! Come check it out! A cheerful and happy atmosphere, as well as trained professionals, will leave you with a light heart and a fabulous hairstyle!

Meet our Team

Our stylists are passionate about making you look great. With a cumulative 102+ years of salon experience, we're experts at it, too. Our regular visitors love spending time with this great crew.


Nail Technician

With over 20 years of experience, Michelle is a pro at her job. She worked at SaHairA Salon for 15.5 years doing nails before taking over as a business owner. Born and raised in Tennessee, Michelle is married with 2 girls. She enjoys reading, camping, exercising, and watching her girls play sports. Not only does she love being her own boss and choosing her own hours, Michelle loves her clients. She is dedicated to serving each individual who walks through the salon doors. Her passion and energy are evident in her winning smile and enthusiastic greeting. She is ready to welcome you into the family and treat your every nail pampering need!

Favorite nail style? No favorite style—loves working with people and acting as their psychiatrist/therapist
Celebrity crush? Matthew McConaughey
Stress reliever? Reading, camping, vacationing, exercising
Totally addicted to? Family
Favorite item of clothing? Leggings
3 words that describe me? Independent, dependable, hard-working
Favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Watch kids play ball, go out to eat, watch football, hang out with friends, play cards


Hair Stylist

Inspired by her five hairdressing aunts, Debbie followed her inherited passion and has worked as a beautician for over 30 years. Debbie owned SaHairA Salon for over 15 years before passing the business on to her daughter-in-law. Now Debbie works as a professional stylist. She loves to travel and enjoys spending quality time with her son and two granddaughters. Professional and cheerful, she is ready to share her eager enthusiasm with you!

  • Favorite hairstyle? Short Styles
  • Celebrity crush? Jon Bon Jovi
  • Stress reliever? A massage
  • Totally addicted to? Reading—history, romance, suspense, comedy, anything
  • Favorite item of clothing? Jeans
  • 3 words that describe me? Fun, smiley, happy
  • Favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Play cards with family


Hair Stylist

Tina realized her passion for doing hair when she began styling in high school for fun. After graduating, she went to beauty school to pursue her dream. After 25 years of doing hair, she is still enthusiastic about her work. Born and raised in Tennessee, this vivacious girl loves to ride motorcycles, use her artistic talent to sew, and relax and watch a good movie. She considers all of her clients to be family. Experienced and dependable, Tina is ready to work with you to achieve your hair goals!

  • Favorite hairstyle? Bob
  • Celebrity crush? Jared Leto
  • Stress reliever? Riding motorcycles
  • Totally addicted to? Paul Mitchell Products
  • Favorite item of clothing? Bright socks
  • 3 words that describe me? Dependable, easy-going, loyal
  • Favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Enjoy a movie




Hair Stylist

Donna began her career in Public Relations but soon grew tired of corporate life. 20 years ago she gave up her job and began styling hair. She’s never looked back! Born in Key West, FL, and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Donna moved to Tennessee to attend college. She now lives happily with 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren close by. Donna loves decorating, walking, traveling, reading, and relaxing with her family. Down-to-earth and friendly, she is excited to share her passion and experience with her customers!

  • Favorite hairstyle? Bob
  • Celebrity crush? Robert Redford
  • Stress reliever? Sitting down and watching a good old fashioned movie
  • Totally addicted to? Homemade popcorn
  • Favorite item of clothing? Leggings
  • 3 words that describe me? Friendly, dependable, caring
  • Favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Eat popcorn and watch a movie



Hair Stylist

Alexan started her career only two years ago, but has always had a passion for hair. Born and raised in Cleveland, Tennessee, she spends much of her time traveling as a volleyball coach. Alexan enjoys spending time with her family, watching sports, and learning new things. She’s excited to work with you to achieve your hair goals.

  • Favorite hairstyle? Loose, beachy waves and soft highlights
  • Celebrity crush? Robert Downey Jr.
  • Stress reliever? Spending time with family
  • Totally addicted to? The Steve Wilkos Show
  • Favorite item of clothing? Sweatpants
  • 3 words that describe me? Kind, humorous, eager
  • Favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Hang with friends and watch/go to sporting events



Hair Stylist

Jill started her professional career in hair over 40 years ago. She grew up in Colorado and has lived in several other states, but always returns to her favorite town–Chattanooga. Jill has recently returned to her first passion–working behind the chair. She has worked for three key hair care manufacturers in sales and education and has traveled extensively, training stylists and salons on how to use the products. Her warm and welcoming spirit will automatically make you feel at home as she shares her unique talents and fulfills your hair-care needs.

  • Favorite hairstyle? All of them–new and old!
  • Celebrity crush? Tom Selleck
  • Stress reliever? Walking
  • Totally addicted to? Learning
  • Favorite item of clothing? "Comfy clothes"
  • 3 words that describe me? Creative, professional, happy
  • Favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Watch a good movie



Hair Stylist

Holly has over 16 years of experience in the hair industry. One of her favorite parts of the hair business is making people feel good about themselves. Keeping up to date with the latest styles and trends, she would love to help you with any hair needs that you may have and looks forward to meeting you. She enjoys spending time with her family, serving at church, camping, bicycling, roller skating, kayaking, and anything outdoors.

  • Favorite hairstyle? Loose curls & highlights
  • Celebrity crush? Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Stress reliever? Exercise & massage
  • Totally addicted to? Sweets
  • Favorite item of clothing? Anything dressy
  • 3 words that describe me? Sweet, fun-loving, southern gal
  • Favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Hang out with my husband and boys

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